Tampa’s new sweet treat

By Michaela Thomas

A brand new restaurant, the Sugar Factory, just opened up in Tampa. The restaurant had its debut the weekend of Dec. 13 and is located inside the Seminole Hard Rock Casino.  

The Sugar Factory is a chain restaurant that has over 20 locations, with Tampa being number 25. Previously, the closest Sugar Factory to Tampa was their Orlando location, which was over an hour away. Now, Tampa residents can enjoy the sweetness of the Sugar Factory without having to travel far.

“Our ambiance alone is very charming,” said general manager, Ilese Fahy. “Everyone is excited we have a Tampa location. All are very interested and wow’d by our one of a kind menu and experience.”

The mezzanine level of the Seminole Hard Rock Casino is where the Sugar Factory is held. Immediately, one is greeted with a retro new age feeling. The restaurant is reminiscent of a vintage diner but with very modern upgrades.

Plush red booth seats with black and red chairs. There are lights everywhere giving the place a more open feeling even though it is inside. 

Guests can either sit at the marble tables or at the bar. Pink LED fluorescent lights, with sayings like ‘Hello Gorgeous’ and ‘Beautiful’, adorn flower-covered walls which make a pretty good spot for a picture. 

At full capacity, the restaurant can only seat 120 people.

The Sugar Factory was even deemed “The Most Instagrammed Restaurant in the United States” by Food & Wine Magazine, making it a great place to share on social media. 

“I like it. It’s just very appealing,” said Bryce Razwell, a patron at the restaurant. “I mean you feel the vibe and hear the music and it’s just a great place for everybody.”

The restaurant is so famous that they even included a gallery of pictures of many celebs who had stepped foot into the Sugar Factory on the back of their menu.

Although it is called the Sugar Factory, the menu has a wide range of options to fit different tastes buds. The menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner options. They even offer brunch, but it is only available on Saturdays and Sundays. 

The sweet treats include a variety of milkshakes, cookies, ice cream sandwiches and more. Even though the Sugar Factory is a sweet filled palace, they are most known for their huge drinks.

If a person knows anything about the Sugar Factory, they know that the restaurant is famous for its sugary, large goblets. The goblets come in a variety of flavors with the Tampa menu having 15 different options. 

The goblet drinks come in alcoholic and non-alcoholic, but be careful because this large drink is definitely one to share. 

“They are so much bigger than I thought it was going to be,” said Maddison Wilstead, another patron. “Now I understand why the waiter thought that it was for two people, but it was so good.”

At this restaurant, prices range from low to high with the least expensive item on the menu being $8 and the most expensive item being $1000. The most expensive item is a premium fondue which requires a 48-hour notice in advance.

However, the regular menu that most people will be looking at has a good rate with prices ranging from $8-42.

The Sugar Factory is open Sunday-Thursday from 11 a.m.-11 p.m. and Friday-Saturday from 11-1 a.m and is only 15 minutes away from The University of Tampa’s campus.

Even if you’re not into sweets, this restaurant is definitely a place to experience at the least. It’s a fun time that individuals of all ages can enjoy.

Michaela Thomas can be reached at michaela.thomas@spartans.ut.edu

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