Youtube stars Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson break the internet

by Tatiana Torres

If you thought that pig inspired mirrors and eyeshadow palettes couldn’t cause online chaos, you probably are not up to date with all the hype surrounding the new Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star makeup collection, the Conspiracy Collection. When YouTube celebrities Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson, who combined have 39.4 million subscribers announced they were collaborating to create a makeup collection, many of the fans were anxious to get their hands on some of the items. 

Sydney Charette, University of Tampa freshman biology major, has followed Dawson’s YouTube channel ever since he started uploading videos in 2008. She shared her experience trying to purchase an eyeshadow palette from the collection. 

“I was very excited when I heard they were collaborating to create makeup because I have been a fan of Shane for so long and I have always wanted Jeffree Star makeup but have never had a good enough excuse to buy it,” said Charette.

The entire Conspiracy collection includes an 18-pan Conspiracy palette, nine pan Mini Controversy palette, six liquid lipsticks, one clear lip gloss, two pig mirrors, four makeup bags, two pig handbags and one Jeffree x Shane tracksuit. Items range in price from $18 to $210 for the full bundle.

As a way to include fans in the collection making process, Dawson uploaded an original YouTube documentary series with Jeffree Star, titled The Beautiful Life of Jeffree Star. This documentary series shows the entire process of Shane and Jeffree’s makeup collaboration, from picking shade names, to signing contracts, to finalizing packaging design. 

The collection launched on Friday, Nov. 1 at 10 a.m. Nevertheless, Shopify, the site used, was not able to handle the massive amount of traffic in the site, causing it to crash almost immediately after the launch.

 Star took it to Twitter and Instagram in order to address this issue. 

“The platform that we use to sell our makeup is called Shopify. A lot of people use it,” said Star on social media. “There has been so much traffic, me and Shane combined broke the platform.”

Three-and-a-half hours into the launch, Shopify remained broken. Fans were encouraged to remain in the site while Shopify’s support team continues to look into the issue. 

“I managed to purchase the large Conspiracy palette after waiting for four hours because of the site crashing. I was so happy when I could finally check it out,” Charette said. 

“I just screamed on a conference call and now I’m crying ’cause I feel bad that I screamed,” Dawson tweeted amid numerous missives today in which he expressed his devastation at the turn of the events. “I’m so sorry for the wait. I can’t even enjoy the launch ’cause I feel so sad that you guys are waiting and having issues with the site. But I promise it’s not Jeffree’s team. They had everything in place for this and have been working 24/7 on this for months.”

Despite technical difficulties, fans shared their love on social media. Once the Conspiracy palette sold out, some spoke about the collection’s success.

Gabriella Bragaia, freshman international business and entrepreneurship major, weighed in on this topic.

“I think it is amazing that they launched this collection because they are both so talented and I knew that they would produce something great,” said Bragaia. “I thought the products looked stunning with all the bright unique colors but I like how there were also neutrals. I also love how they created a mini palette.”

Despite the collection selling out almost immediately, this is not a limited edition drop. The collection is permanent and they will continue to manufacture it until people stop buying it.

Nevertheless, the full collection will be restocked – but not until early 2020.

“When you print that many units it takes time. The makeup factory can only do so many shifts, make so many palettes per day so it takes a few months or more to manufacture,” Star said. “We will not have a full massive restock of every single item – I’m talking bags, mirrors, pig lip bundle, all the palettes at a very big volume – that cannot happen until 2020. Early 2020.”

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