New Harry Styles song creates fan speculation

by Iovanna Borjas & Cassie Gaudes

Late at night on Thursday, Oct. 10, Harry Styles, former One Direction singer, released a new song called “Lights Up.” Along with the song, he also came out with a music video. 

After two years of waiting, his fans finally got the single they were eagerly waiting for. Two years ago, Styles released his debut solo album “Harry Styles”, which was launched in September 2017. 

This was one of the first solo works Styles released after the split of One Direction in May 2015. The band, which got together in 2010 after participating in The X Factor, decided to go on an unlimited hiatus after being together for five years. 

“Lights Up” is currently number six on the Spotify Global Top 200 chart and number eight on the Itunes Songs chart.

The video, which can be found on YouTube, has 20 million views after four days of its release. Most fans all over the world are impressed with the visuals, which displays Styles shirtless and sweaty amongst other half naked individuals. 

Throughout the video, he can be seen in constant physical contact with the other people in it, creating a steamy, sexy vibe. In the video, Styles also rides the back of a motorcycle in what could be a symbolism of freedom. 

Already the song is causing a stir among Styles fans. “Lights Up,” hit just in time for National Coming Out Day leading some fans to wonder if he is coming out at bisexual. During an interview with Rolling Stone in September, Styles said his upcoming album is about “sex and feeling sad.”

Some fans think the lyrics “Never coming back down,” and “Do you know who you are?” point to him coming out. He also does not use any gender pronouns and is dancing with guys and girls. 

“‘Step into the light, I’m not ever going back’ By Harry Styles in NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY. HAAAAANG ON A SECOND….” said Twitter user @FakeNasim.

However, some other fans consider this not to be a coming-out song, but more of a self-discovery one. 

“I believe that [the song] is not necessarily about him coming out as bisexual, but more about freedom in “self-change fluctuation,” said Nicolly Martins, senior psychology major. “He talks about knowing exactly who you are before letting people define/judge you, because that can actually impact on how you feel about yourself.”

In fact, Styles shared a similar view on a Rolling Stones interview a few months before the release of the song. “I want to make people feel comfortable being whatever they want to be,” said Styles. 

“Harry hasn’t talked about what the song is really about,” said Martins. “Even though it was released on National Coming Out Day, we cannot know for sure its true meaning is.”

Other UT students agree that Styles message may not be coming out as bisexual. 

“I think his song is hinting at trying to be confident in who you are and never try to change yourself no matter what is being thrown your way,” said Haley Nowowiejski, senior biology major. “Even though it can be hard sometimes and that if you let other people get to your head you will start to believe what they say.”

The release date of the song has also caused fans to wonder if there might be a rivalry between the former band mates. Niall Horan, former band member of One Direction, announced the release dates of his own musical work just a few days before Styles international success. 

“I’m a fan of him [Horan], but why is he trying so hard after Harry released lights up? It’s so annoying,” said Twitter user @macasbrie. 

This criticism comes especially after Horan tweeted on Tuesday, Oct. 15 some promotional words for his new song. 

“Right let’s get moving on billboard this week. Let’s go team,” said Horan. 

Another fan of Styles replied to Horan’s tweet almost immediately 

“Niall….. honey……we’re all busy with lights up shhhhh,” said @glowinghs. 

Styles has yet to reveal the release of his next album. 

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