CORQ addressing the school spirit at UT

by Isabel Marhoun

Tracking the amount of people who show up to games and what sports teams pull big crowds, is useful information when it comes to athletic marketing, in order to monitor how many people were in attendance.

With a way to track this information, it will be helpful for The University of Tampa’s athletic marketing team. An app has recently been created in order to track student game attendance. The app, CORQ, is available on engage for all student users.

Angela Ward, coordinator of Student Engagement in OSLE, introduced the app to Lara Zambrana, director of Sports Marketing. After Ward introduced the app to Zambrana, the Sports Marketing team was able to put the CORQ to use for attendance during sports games. Ward explained exactly what CORQ was and how UT students are able to access and use it.

“CORQ is the mobile app for Engage UT which is used by Registered Student Organizations (RSO) and academic departments to view involvement opportunities at UT on mobile devices,” said Ward. “You can view all events, RSVP to events, and add events to your calendar. Each student has a unique Event pass or “QR code” in their used drawer that is used to check them into events. Since every student has their phone with them at all times, it makes the process a lot easier.”

CORQ is an efficient way for UT students to stay engaged on campus and be aware of all of the events going on. Not only is it a good way to keep track of attendance for games, it is also good for keeping track of attendance to other on-campus events.

All game times are listed on CORQ, making it easy for students to view the schedule on their phones and see what teams are at home so that they can attend. Zambrana explains how CORQ helps to track student attendance of UT games.

“Currently we are using the CORQ app to track student attendance at our home athletic events. Angela Ward introduced me to the app this summer, and this fall we have begun to implement it,” said Zambrana.

The CORQ app was newly introduced on UT’s campus this fall and has just recently been utilized. It helps the Sports Marketing team to see how many people attend games, and how the team can better market games. The app also helps them strategize so that they can get maximum attendance at home games on campus.

Alexis Lerro, president of Athletic Marketing and sports management major, explains how the app is being used to track attendance and help her team.

“Athletic Marketing uses CORQ as a way to track attendance at the games. It gives us a way to track the consistency of attendees, and work to figure out ways to encourage and attract students that normally do not attend,” said Lerro. “This app has truly given our organization many ways to grow as a whole. It has helped open up a door to new opportunities and ideas that we are hoping to have up and running by the spring.”

CORQ is helping students to connect on campus and show their school pride. If you would like to use this free app, it can be located on Engage UT, when you look up CORQ. It is free for UT students and a great way to get more involved.

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