Post Malone fans ask, “Who’s Ozzy?”

by Alexandra D’Eramo

A song on Post Malone’s new album is bridging genres and time within the music industry, while also hilariously unmasking the pop culture gap between generations. Social media was booming after Post released “Take What You Want” on Friday, Sept. 6, leading some of his younger listeners to wonder who an apparent “new” collaborator on the track was —Ozzy Osbourne. 

Twitter user @KESHAWNtheKING_ wrote, “Post Malone’s album is so good. Idk who this Ozzy Osbourne guy is but Post just put a bro on 100. He’s bout to blow up hella fast, I see his name everywhere!!!”

Another user @Edxxard wrote, “who tf is ozzy osbourne ???!??! this is why I love post malone for shining light on unknown artists”

More seasoned music fans will instantly see the Twitter recognition for Osbourne as laughable, knowing him to be the legendary “prince of darkness,” Black Sabbath singer, and creator of songs like “Crazy Train,” “Mr. Crowley,” and “No More Tears.” Osbourne has been rocking since the 1970s, single-handedly started the rise of the metal genre. After singing for Black Sabbath, he went on to a well-known solo music career and had The Osbournes and The Osbournes Reloaded, seven seasons worth of reality shows that aired on MTV and FOX.

Some social media goers were quick to point out the absurdity of younger fans who seemed oblivious to Osbourne’s well-established career and fame.

Twitter user, @MisterRudeman, wrote “People really think Post malone made Ozzy Osbourne famous. This generation is hopeless”

“I don’t want to live in a world where people think Post Malone is the reason Ozzy Osbourne is famous,” said another user, @Hill2Stephi.

Some students at The University of Tampa show that they at least have a little understanding of musical history and of the musician who would receive instantaneous name-recognition from millions of a certain age.

“I guess I know who he is from my parents and the media,” said Alex Arrigo, junior biology major.

When told about the social media buzz over Osbourne, Arrigo was stunned to say the least.

Natalie Finocchiaro, junior criminology major, had a similar understanding of the musician.

“I know of him because I grew up listening to him because of my dad. He always listened to rock music,” she said.

Other students, including Jack Gorman, freshman pre-nursing major, even revealed more detailed knowledge about Osbourne, his music, and his havoc.

“I know he bit a bat’s head off, and it took him twenty-three times to get his license,” Gorman said.

Maybe it’s no surprise that Post fans were caught off guard by the artist’s collaboration with a long-established singer, and one from a different genre, no less. Post usually works with newer artists and bigger names among younger pop and rap enthusiasts, like Travis Scott, Meek Mill, Future, and Halsey.

However, people shouldn’t be too surprised by this cross-genre collab. Post is known to love metal and rock and was excited when Osbourne reached out to him, asking to work together.

“We talked, and it was like a big deal,” Post told Zane Lowe on the Apple Music Beats 1 show. “I think he crushed it.”

Post said Osbourne, likewise, seems to have enjoyed the experience as well.

“He was like this, ‘Yo, this is my favorite s– I’ve done since Sabbath – since I started my own, own way,’” Post told Lowe.

Despite the difference in pop culture knowledge, the reaction to Post’s latest song and album release has people raving. As he strives for his second number one debut on the Billboard 200 chart, Post plans to achieve record-breaking numbers by spicing up his album Hollywood’s Bleeding, with a little twist. 

Now that “Take What You Want” has proven to be a major hit on social media and in the music industry, fans are wondering if there could be further collaboration between Post and Osbourne and what could be in store for the future. Now, that would get people talking.

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