Award-winning play sells out at Straz Center

By Emily Banaitis

Hamilton is coming to the Tampa Bay Area and the excitement is almost too much to bear. The Straz Center is hosting the play from Feb.12 to March 10.

“As soon as it became a hit we knew we wanted it here and we have been working with those producers to make sure it comes to Tampa,” said Paul Bilyeu, Senior Director of Communications for The Straz Center.

The show has previously been in South Carolina as well as Fort Lauderdale. It is currently in Orlando and will feature in Tampa next.

When a big show comes to town, the marketing team has to make sure that the profile of Hamilton meets the standards that the original Hamilton has put into place.

“One of the biggest parts of my job is that I am the press representative for the theater,” said Bilyeu. This means covering all of the institutional publications and when opening night comes around with features and other things that go along with the show, he has to make sure it all flows together in a natural way.

As far as ticketing goes, right now it seems as though the prices are expensive but varying.

The Straz Center has discounts for students with valid IDs. Students can call the ticket office at (813) 229-7827 for more details abiout discounts or to find out which show the discounts are available for.

The Hamilton app also has something called the ticket lottery. Users can go to the main Hamilton website, download the app and enter to win a pair of tickets worth $10 a piece.

Hamilton itself, the creators, and the people behind it describe it as this they say it’s the story of America then told by America now,” said Bilyeu. “What’s really great about it is that it’s been bringing people who are college-aged and younger to the theater as well as people into their 90’s. Everybody seems to really love this show and I think it is because it is so different and so unusual yet at the same time it is really familiar.”

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