UT Celebrates Super Bowl LIII

By Travis Politakis

The Super Bowl is such an important event that even people who do not watch sports tune in for the big game. Whether it be for the star-studded halftime show, the iconic commercials or the game itself, people across the planet are curious to watch what will happen.

Many people use the Super Bowl as a time to spend with family and enjoy some downtime on a Sunday. However, as students at UT are separated from their families, they’re looking for ways to enjoy the Superbowl from their home away from home.

Some students from UT chose to get together at local sports bars. They crave a rowdy atmosphere and fantastic food to enjoy the finale of the NFL season. Ferg’s Live on Channelside has always been a popular destination for sport-loving students, especially for the Super Bowl. Ferg’s is a fun place to go before and after events at Amalie Arena as it is right across the street. Ferg’s Live has a large floorplan, plenty of TVs for fans, great food and the perfect atmosphere for college students.

“I am not a fan of either team playing in the game,” said Matthew Polek, freshman education major. “But I still wanted to get out and have a great time and just capture the magnitude of the event with each other since we can’t be with our families, and I thought Ferg’s would be the best place to do that.”

Students who are fans of the teams playing may not necessarily want to go out to rowdy places and would prefer to stay in with some friends; small watchparites are the perfect get-together for a more personal Super Bowl Sunday.

“The Patriots are our passion and we wanted to be with each other for the game because it gives us a sense of family and community as we are all rooting hard for the same thing,” said freshman Max Moscaritolo, business major. “This is what it is all about. Many different people coming together to root for a one common goal.

Some of the residence halls at UT are also having get togethers for the Super Bowl. McKay Hall had their own Super Bowl party in the common room.

“It is just a fun way to watch the game, and hang out and interact with the people in our hall.” said Christian Wisnewski, freshman sports management major.

Meanwhile, some students are just staying in and taking it easy for the game. The audience that tunes in for the halftime show alone is massive. For some at UT, Sunday’s are their only day during the  week they get to relax and escape the struggles of being a student.

Regardless of how UT students celebrate Super Bowl Sunday, thousands of UT students will be looking for the best way to tune in year after year.  

Travis Politakis can be reached at travis.politakis@theminaretonline.com

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