The eeriest night of the year: see for yourself if the Plant Hall ghosts are real

By Anisa Brown

On Saturday Oct. 27 at 7 p.m., the Henry B. Plant Museum will be hosting their second annual Halloween event entitled, An Eerie Evening at the Tampa Bay Hotel. During the event, guest will be able to explore the museum in the moonlight and listen to creepy tales from long ago.

“One of the most frequently asked questions is ‘is this building haunted?’” said Lindsay Huban, Museum Relations Manager. “Since visitors were so interested in the subject, the museum staff developed a Halloween event, getting to share a different part of our history with visitors and delve into the eerie side of the past,”

During the event guest will learn about spirit photography and how to create their own haunting images. They will see Victorian mourning and funeral customs come to life as eerie entities roam the halls. Period lighting and candles will set the stage for true stories of death, homesick soldiers and poisons. As visitors travel to the bring of a shadow world, the lantern lights will flicker off the walls.

“Eerie Evening at the Tampa Bay Hotel is a special opportunity to visit the museum after dark,” said Huban. “All while learning about Victorian superstitions, spooky occurrences in the building and possibly interact with spirits. It only happens once a year, so we hope people won’t miss out. I hope guests will enjoy their experience, maybe feel a little creeped out and knowledge of a mourning tradition and superstitions from long ago.”

Visitors to An Eerie Evening will be able to enjoy light refreshments on the veranda, a close look at macabre items from Dysfunctional Grace Art Co. and have the opportunity to shop in the museum store. As well as having the chance to take a photo in a vintage wheelchair and look closely at historic photographs to spot any spirit guests.

“Given the age of the building, it seems almost impossible for there not to be any spirits hanging around,” said Huban. “I know there have been times when I’ve caught myself walking a little more quickly or doing double takes in mirrors when I’m here by myself.”
Tickets to An Eerie Evening at the Tampa Bay Museum are available on for $25, guest must be age 16 and older to attend. For more information visit or call 813-258-7302.

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