A new addition to a Tampa tradition

By Giovanna Brasolin

With Halloween around the corner, a variety of events can be expected to be found in the Tampa Bay Area. For the third year, Tampa Riverwalk will be having a Trick or Treat mile run event and this year Armature Works is joining in the fun, too. Armature Works is a mixed-use building  where people can find several restaurants and a wide variety of events aimed at all age groups year-round. They put a lot of effort into accommodating everybody’s interests, making them come back and spread the word about the place.

Lauren Mooser, director of marketing at Armature Works, said that Armature Works wants to create a new experience for guests and keep attendees coming back.

“We try to create memorable times for families and friends, something that people really look forward to. You’d be very surprised with what people are interested in and how well they respond to these things. Most of the events that we do are free because we see the added value of bringing them to the market and exposing them to the space at different times of the day all throughout the week.”

The building held its first Halloween themed event, Fall Heights Festival, on Oct. 13 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Oct. 14 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. It featured a pumpkin patch, live music, kids activities and Instagrammable spots. There was also a food drive to benefit Metropolitan Ministries so that they can hand out food for the holidays. If someone  donated five food items, they  received a free beer from 81 Bay.

Having had great response to their monthly hosted event “Movie on the Lawn,” Armature Works will show Beetlejuice on Monday, Oct. 29  at 7:30 p.m. A reason why this event  does so well with the overall public is due to it being held outdoors.Around 600 people registered for it and over 9000 people said they’re interested in attending it.

The last event is the Heights Public Market’s Trick or Treat on Wednesday, Oct. 31 from 3 to 5 p.m. Children can come dressed up in Halloween costumes and trick or treat inside the market. Most of the vendors will have decorations up and will be handing out candy. Some may even have special items on their menu available for the Heights Fall Festival and the Heights Public Market Trick or Treat.

One of the restaurants having specials on the menu is Astro Ice Cream Co., the dessert destination at Armature Works. Being famous for their presentation and nitrogen ice cream, they just released a new flavor called The Intergalactic in their Fall menu. The ice cream has a salted caramel base with fresh brownie bites, pretzel crumbles, crushed twix pieces and a Ghirardelli dark chocolate for the chocolate lovers out there. They also included two unique soft serve flavors, Matcha Green Tea and Ube (sweet purple yam). On the day of Halloween, they’ll also be handing out their branded trick or treat bags that say cute little messages.

“If everything goes well, we’re also planning on hopefully having a huge display here in the front of the store where we will turn this entire place into the witch’s house from Hansel and Gretel, which is completely made of candy,” said Justine Pe, general manager of Astro Ice Cream Co. “It’s going to be completely over the top. There is going to be doors to enter and I myself, will be dressed up as an evil, ugly, scary, terrible witch, luring kids into our establishment with a creepy witchy laugh. I’m very excited for it.”

However, one thing to keep in mind is that October is not the only exciting month at the location. December will also feature events, related to Winter Break and Christmas holiday, having trees, lights and festive decorations. Armature Works is going to open new spaces between the end of the year and beginning of next year, and Astro Ice Cream Co. just started doing catering and is looking to open their second location.

“Looking beyond the Halloween events, just the entire Holiday season is going to be a really exciting time for us and we want Armature Works to be this destination to come get in the holiday spirit,” said Julia Stewart, Marketing Events Manager at Armature Works. “Come celebrate, come bring donations, come to our events. We’re going to stand here every weekend in December, just keep your eyes peeled and come hangout with us.”

No matter how old you are and what you’re interested in, there’s always something going on at Armature Works that may suit your tastes just right. Whether it’s food or a festival, you can expect great memories to be made here.

Giovanna Brasolin can be reached at g.maistrobrasolin@spartans.ut.edu

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