Where to break a sweat in Tampa

By Ana Braccialli


Camp is a classic in Tampa. It is part of the CRG group, where the gym offers a different perspective of a fitness studio. The establishment provides three main classes: Camp Cycle, Camp Yoga and Camp Circuit.

“I chose to go to this place because it is an unconventional gym, where they offer classes that I like to take,” said Rayssa Taiar, senior international business major. “I like taking classes better than using regular gym equipment by myself.”

People tend to like Camp because of its personal trainers who are always taking care of the “campers” and changing the workout so it doesn’t get boring.

“The workouts we do at Camp are never the same, and I have the trainers helping and motivating me during the whole workout,” Taiar said. “I feel like I train like never before and I always die at the end of the classes, making me feel like they were really worth it.”

The fitness studio offers several package plans for all kinds of budgets. However, most students are interested in the monthly unlimited plan, which is $159 a month for as many classes as you would like.

“I believe that to pay this price at Camp is totally worth it, because I don’t feel I can get this kind of workout with instructors that focus on me getting better anywhere else.” said Rafaela Neno, senior international business major.


UT’s fitness center prohibits Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit. Because of that, lovers of the sport Crossfit, choose to workout outside UT, and Crossfit Hyde Park is only five minutes from the school, which is really convenient for the Spartans.

At CFHP, they guarantee all of their students that they follow the CrossFit model, where they put emphasis on teaching movement rather than just going through the motions.

“When we go to the box, we always learn something different every day,” said Eduardo Alvim, junior biology major. “I always leave there with a feeling that I gave my 110 percent.”

The most popular package plan for students is one that offers three classes per week for $125. However, there are tons of other options depending on what you want to take from CrossFit.


Just a mile and a half away from UT in Channelside, Crunch is one of the hot-spot gyms in Tampa. Well-known for its structure, Crunch is really popular among UT students, especially because the basic membership is only $10 a month.

“I pay $24.99 and I really believe it’s worth it,” said Ibrahim Allam, a graduate student in marketing. “I have access to hydro massage that I use after my workouts that helps my muscles relax, especially when I’m sore. Also, I can deadlift as heavy as I want because they will never complain about the weights hitting the ground hard.”

Sometimes the new gym can get a little packed, depending on what time you decide to workout. “There are times that the gym at UT is really crowded and I’ll end up waiting around just to do an exercise,” Allam said.

Crunch has a bigger establishment, and is able to add more weights machines and dumbbells, compared to UT.


“Accepting anyone who wants to be great” is their motto. Diesel Fitness is a place where their mission is to provide the highest level of individualized athletic performance training.

The areas they target are speed, power, strength, balance, mobility, flexibility and recovery. Diesel Fitness focuses more on the athletic performance where a lot of UT athletes, when they are in their off-season chooses to workout. However, it is important to emphasize that they don’t just accept athletes. Anyone who is committed to improving as a whole, they will help to reach your desired goals.

On their website is a tab where there are several testimonials about the gym, including professional athletes such as Zach Neal, a pitcher of the Oakland Athletics baseball team.

Ana Braccialli can be reached at ana.braccialli@theminaretonline.com

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