New eatery spots in Tampa


1. Armature Works

Located at The Heights is a building called Armature Works. The building itself is almost as old as the city of Tampa, having once been a warehouse for TECO streetcars. After being bought by Armature Works in 1960, the building became the heart of the Heights neighborhood and took on the purpose of a multi-use commercial space. Now it’s home to Heights Public Market, a dining hall featuring a large open floor space with communal seating and multiple eating options. There is also a “Show and Tell” workshop that has cooking classes, wine tastings, and pop-up dinners.

Dining choices are plentiful, and range from sushi to ice cream to burgers to cold-pressed juices. The Heights has something for everybody (though as someone who comes from an Hispanic family, I’m kind of scared to try their “Empamamas” food truck).

2. Sweet Soul

From the people that brought you Daily Eats and Ciccio Water, Sweet Soul is a new wsuperfood restaurant on SoHo. Their menu includes smoothies, soft serve ice cream (dog-friendly too) and build-your-own acai bowls. With a drinks called “Bio Wheatgrass Coffee” and “Charcoal Hangover Shot,” you know this is a vegan-friendly place where one can order guilt-free–in the calorie department anyway.

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