5 gym-free exercises for busy students


We’ve all heard them and we’ve all made them: exercise excuses. Students, who make up the majority of the UT community, are busy with class, work, extracurriculars and internships. We get it. Broke college students can’t afford gym memberships, personal trainers or workout equipment and gear. The excuses are endless, but there are many ways to overcome these obstacles and get your workout in whether you’re in the midst of a financial crisis or finals week.

Serista Budhram, senior international business and finance major and Athletics and Fitness Association of America certified personal trainer and spinning/functional fitness instructor, is here to help. Student coordinator for the Office of Campus Recreation, Budhram is an “overly-involved” member of the fitness community at UT, according to her. She spends over 20 hours a week at the Fitness and Recreation Center overseeing all staff, personal trainers and group exercise instructors, all while talking on fitness classes and clients.

I have experienced it all–weight gain, weight loss and then bulking to shredding,” said Budhram, “And I’ve learned to discover what works for each person individually; now I want to share my discoveries.”
On a lifelong journey with personal fitness, Budhram has found success in exercise and wants to share that with the UT community. As a student who works, she has found the right regimen to fit into a busy schedule that doesn’t require much involvement otherwise; all you need is an able body.

Screenshot 2017-04-20 13.39.00.png

Whether you’re neck deep in midterms or cruising through spring break, these exercises are quick, easy and for people of all fitness levels. If you can make the time for these exercises, our campus will handle the rest. The bleachers, track and field in Pepin Stadium, the lacrosse field, Plant Park, the volleyball courts, Vaughn courtyard and down by the boathouse are just a couple of the many open spaces on campus perfect for these low commitment exercises. So quit the excuses, and get started. Stop by the Fitness and Recreation Center any time during the week to speak with Serista Budhram about your fitness goals or with any questions you may have.

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