A brew-tiful day in Tampa Bay


When the alarm clock goes off and you are wishing you could have an extra hour of sleep, there is one thing that comes to the rescue: coffee. Whether it’s a morning boost, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a please-get-me-through-this-school-day necessity, caffeine usually does the trick. If you are looking for an atmosphere different than your usual Starbucks or Dunkin, these local coffee shops are the perfect place to hit the books or grab a cup to go.

Kahwa Coffee

3928 Henderson Blvd., 808 N Franklin St.

Kahwa Coffee has three different shops open in Tampa. Their coffee choices include cappuccinos, café mochas, macchiatos, americanos and much more. Almond milk and soymilk are available as added options for an extra 25 cents. If you want to add extra excitement to your cup, a splash of flavor can be added for 50 cents.

When October rolls around, warm pumpkin spiced lattes are usually an instant add to the coffee menu. Kahwa gets into the spirit during holiday months and expresses their joy for the holiday through their special drinks they offer during these times.

“We have one that’s still going on right now that is called mint mocha madness, it’s an espresso mocha with a mint syrup it’s kind of like a hot chocolate coffee mocha with a little bit of mint,” said Kahwa Barista Corey Cruz.

Buddy Brew

2020 W Kennedy Blvd.; Hyde Park Village, 1605

W Snow Ave.

Come get your brew on at one of Tampa’s Buddy Brew Coffee shops. A new Buddy Brew location just recently opened in downtown Tampa located in Hyde Park Village. The Kennedy location still remains open a few blocks away from UT . Buddy Brew offers espressos, macchiatos and cappuccinos.  The best part about Buddy Brew coffee is that your cup of Joe is guaranteed to be fresh.

“Our coffee is the most popular, we roast our coffee and beans in house so our roastery is actually located in our coffee shop,” said Buddy Brew worker Kayla Egan.

If you want a caffeine kick but don’t dig the taste of coffee beans, Buddy Brew has fresh iced and hot teas as well as food if you are visiting the shop located on Kennedy Boulevard. The popular choice among guests is poached eggs on toast with an option of adding salmon, avocado, muenster cheese, or bacon on top. Sandwiches and freshly made biscuits are also included on the menu.

The Lab Coffee

1703 W State St.

This urban coffee shop and eatery has plenty of options. Espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolate are popular picks. If you’re looking to dive into a tasty meal, this coffee joint has you covered. Roasted turkey and smoked gouda sandwiches, spicy Italian wraps and rustic cobb salads are a few items on the menu.

“I’ve gone there to study a few times because I really enjoy the atmosphere of the shop,” said entrepreneurship major Cat Miller. “Sometimes I need a break from always going to the exact same study spot and trying out new food and coffee adds fun to studying.”

Don’t feel like getting in your car and driving today? No problem. The Lab Coffee is available to order on Uber Eats and delivers right to your doorstep.

Foundation Coffee

1607 N Franklin St.

This Tampa Heights location offers flavored coffees including pumpkin spice, mocha, vanilla and caramel delights. Regular milk can be replaced with soy or almond milk for only 50 cents.

To add an exciting twist to your cup, baristas top off your hot lattes with a design to add a little spice to your life. In addition to Foundation Coffee offering tasty coffee beverages, the shop also sells kombucha, chai lattes, and green, black and herbal teas.

“Our most popular is our nitro brew or our iced coffees now that the weather is warming up. We brew the coffee for 10 hours and after it’s done we put it into a keg and infuse it with nitrogen it gives it a really really creamy taste and effect, it cascades like a Guinness would,” said Tampa Heights Superviser Amanda Daniels.

The shop is a perfect place to meet up with an old friend or hit the books by your lonesome and enjoy the fresh air because of the outside seating area. The outside section is filled with comfortable chairs, lounge benches and tables.

Megan Myers can be reached at megan.myers@spartans.ut.edu

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