Battling the bandwagoners

BY IVY VELAZQUEZ                                                                                                                        

With the release of Rogue One this past December and the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi to come on Dec. 15, the franchise is as successful as ever. However, despite its 40 years of success and overall popularity, there are still those who have never seen any of the movies. There are still those who do not know who Luke Skywalker is, what the Force is and probably think a lightsaber is little more than a glorified flashlight.

One might wonder, how is this even possible? To say that someone has never watched Star Wars is almost comparable to saying they’ve never heard of iconic stories like Cinderella or Snow White. Well believe it or not, there are those who just never got around to it or were simply never interested in the movies.

“I am not into sci-fi and I don’t really watch movies that often. I guess my family never was into it and so it was kind of like a bandwagon thing,” said Emily Sanner, a sophomore biology major.

Despite not having seen the movies, Sanner did say that she knows some of the characters, like Chewbacca, Leia, Darth Vader, as well as the iconic phrase “Luke, I am your father” (though any real fan of the movies will tell you how even that is wrong). However, this does not stop her from occasionally getting crap from friends when they discover that she has, indeed, not seen the movies. She’ll get people telling her that she’s crazy, though she said that no one has been particularly mean about it.

Sanner did admit that if the chance came with a group of friends to watch the movies, she would take it. However, she doesn’t see herself watching it on her own. She is one of the few though. There are those who have absolutely no interest in ever watching the movies and most likely never will.

Many hardcore “geeks” of Star Wars tend to get offended when they discover that someone dare not to have seen the movies they so love. “I would call them Bantha Fodder and they would be so rattled by the fact that they don’t know what that means that they would have to go watch every movie to find out,” Nathan Bleckley, a sophomore biology major, said 

There are exceptions, such as senior criminology major Shelley Gress. “I guess I would be a little offended but ultimately I don’t really care, it’s their decision,” said Gress, who grew up watching the movies. However, she is among the minority.

According to, the Star Wars franchise has a total accumulated worldwide box office of $7,595,193,305, making it one of the most successful to ever grace the big screen. So to say that one has not watched the movies or that they refuse to ever even give them a chance is quite outrageous.

Is it so hard to just pop in one of the movies? It doesn’t even have to be one of the classics (though it really should be), just something so that you may have an actual opinion on whether or not you like the movies. Because saying something is stupid when you’ve never even tried watching it is just ridiculous. Don’t knock it until you try it.

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