Day: October 13, 2016

Changes in Store for Downtown Tampa

By JOE SULLIVAN Major changes are in store for downtown Tampa if Jeff Vinik, owner of the Tampa Bay Lighting, has anything to do with it. He possesses approximately 50 acres surrounding Amalie Arena on the southern edge of downtown Tampa. With support from Cascade Investment, chaired by billionaire Bill Gates, Vinik is devoting more […]

Potential Ban on Uber and Lyft in Tampa

By HANNAH FARROW “Let me set the record straight,” said Kyle Cockream, executive director of Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission (HCPTC). “There are no rules that ban Uber or Lyft or any other TNC, transportation network company, from operating in Hillsborough county.” According to Cockream, the message that Uber is getting kicked out is 100 […]

The Suite Life

By CAROLYN PLANTIN The new housing policy has brought a lot of mixed feelings onto our campus, while underclassmen are given priority housing, upperclassmen are now stuck with living in the hotel. This administrative decision has brought many mixed feelings onto campus. Freshmen are now guaranteed housing on the main UT campus, whereas many juniors […]

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