Formula 1 Ferrari’s Expectations

By: Daniela Garcia

With this F1 season onto full speed ahead and the popular Ferrari climbing its way back to the top, the fans and experts of Formula One can’t help but wonder what the future will hold for the teams and their drivers.

During this past week’s race at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, near the outskirts of Milan, all eyes were on Charles Leclerc, who started the season with a bang and is bringing up the expectations for the team.

Unfortunately, he did not manage to come through and ended 6th, with Red Bull taking the spotlight once more as the top team for the week.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were refreshed from their past unsuccessful weeks and managed to make the top two. Verstappen ended up being first and Checo ended with second place.

The Emilia Romagna is a knowingly challenging track, and due to last week’s issues with the Red Bull car the Red Bull team was not sought to win the top spots for the week.

Instead, all expectations were put on Charles Leclerc and the Ferrari team, who have noticeably improved their car compared to last season placing them into top rankings once again, something that had not been happening for the past years and seasons.

However, this week, the car improvements Ferrari invested in did not give an advantage to the team.

Charles finished the race 6th chasing after “Checo” and Carlos Sainz was disqualified after the first lap after being spun by Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren.

Ferrari was extremely disappointed with the results as their team did not manage to gain the same points as the races before.

After the eventful race, Ferrari fans and F1 spectators simply went back to waiting for the next race. The week wait was spent getting ready for the next Prix which will be taking place in Miami.

Most F1 fans are extremely excited about this Prix since it will be taking place in Miami, which is a city that will attract many old fans and even new ones.

However, the week took an unexpected turn for the F1 world and Ferrari fans when Ferrari announced they signed a new contract with driver Carlos Sainz until 2024.

Many people were having mixed thoughts about the news due to his poor performance so far this season after the Australian GP and now Emilia Romagna.

Even though some think that Sainz is an underrated driver, many think that he is not fit enough for Ferrari’s reputation, since Leclerc is taking the spotlight he needs a coworker that also fits the part, and due to Sainz’s latest mistakes he seems to be under a lot of pressure.

The new signing of the contract was trending on several social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, with different people sharing their respective opinions on this choice.

“I don’t think it’s the smartest decision to keep Sainz until 2024, but for now, it is best to keep him in the team to see how else might he perform in the improve Ferrari car, he has potential, he just needs to show it much more,” said Felipe Hoyos, Sophomore, Accounting major and F1 superfan.

Even though the choice has had its mixed opinions it is best to see how Sainz performs later into the season and not judge a book so early by the look of its cover.

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