Spartan of the Week: Jessica Forte

Jessica Forte is the published author of Hype, a novel available on

The students here at The University of Tampa can all agree on one thing. We all have a
specific goal in mind we want to accomplish, such as becoming a marine biologist, a lawyer, a
broadcaster or a writer, like student Jessica Forte.

Forte is an 18 year old freshman born in Albany, New York who has been living in Tampa for two years now. She said she came to UT because she passed by it many times and decided to check out the website.

“It’s just so beautiful here,” Forte said.

Forte also came here because she heard about the writing program, which is her major.

“I’ve always loved it [writing] from a young age,” Forte said. “I started in the eighth grade.”

In addition to her love of writing, Forte is also a self-published author. Her book, Hype, is currently available for sale on Amazon. She has also been published in the Chicken Soup for The Soul series.

“Hype is sort of a parody on Christian schools, like private schools. It’s about a girl who goes
from a private school to a public school in the middle of her senior year,” Forte said. “The Chicken Soup story is nonfiction. It’s about an event that happened in eighth grade, and it’s a motivational story.”

Forte says although she published Hype, the event did not get her as much recognition as she had hoped.

“I haven’t had much luck on Amazon. I’ve only sold one copy actually,” Forte said.

To get more recognition, Forte has been telling friends and family on Facebook and Twitter to go check out her publishing. She also uses a site called Wattpad, where users can create an account and read other users stories.

On her Wattpad, she has also written other short stories that are published on the website for
anyone to read.

If writing somehow does not work out for Forte, she stated she would either go into acting, or
possibly become a commercial pilot.

Currently, Forte is in the process of writing more stories, with hopes of those getting published
as well. Like most of the students here, Forte also has her goals.

“I’d love to be a famous author and move to Davis Islands because it’s just so beautiful there.
I’m planning on using my funds from a book to build a children’s hospital, should I get lucky enough to make enough money to do that,” Forte said. “I see myself graduated from college hopefully on my own, some type of job finishing more books, maybe having a little more recognition and a few more sales on Amazon.”

Follow Forte on her Wattpad by searching her username: dreamsmadereal. You can also order and read more about Hype on Amazon by looking up Hype by J Forte.

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