Two UT Students Arrested on Drug Charges

It was revealed that a second UT student was arrested Sept. 20 on drug related charges.

Aaron Cowell was picked up on three felony counts of drug possession for both Xanax and cannabis, as well as two misdemeanor charges for paraphernalia and having less than 20 grams of cannabis, police reports say.

Cowell, who graduated from Anne Arundel Community College in 2006 before coming to UT, was released from jail Sept. 21 on a $7,000 bond according to Tampa police records.

A second student, Michael L. Pappas, was arrested the same night on multiple drug possession charges, including felony possession of cannabis and Xanax, according to Tampa police.

Pappas, who was released from jail on a $9,000 bond Sept. 23, also incurred a third charge which stemmed from violating his probation in another state. That charge appeared to be related to a previous cocaine possession charge, according to arrest records.

He could be sent back to the state of his earlier offense as part of the “Interstate Compact Agreement,” which creates guidelines that allow convicted felons who are under supervision to move away from the state in which they were convicted. Certain offenders can then be supervised by the receiving state, in this case, Florida.

Pappas was picked up by police after a search of his room turned up both illegal and prescription drugs.

Earlier that evening, resident assistants smelled marijuana coming out of a Brevard room and called security, said Security Director Charles Mascenik.

The Brevard room was searched, and marijuana was found. Security then went to Pappas’ room, where another search was conducted. Security then called Tampa police who took over the investigation.

Xanax is an often abused anti-anxiety prescription medication used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. Frequently sold illegally, the Schedule 4 controlled substance can be physically addictive, and overdoses can be fatal.

Please read the editorial response to student comments regarding this article.

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