Baylor Talcott


Bayor Talcott

Head Multimedia Editor

Baylor studies New Media Productions and Journalism at The University of Tampa as a senior. He became the Head Multimedia Editor of The Minaret in August of 2019, where he has created a number of multimedia packages, social media posts, and built The Minaret’s social media presence. During his sophomore year at UT (2018-2019), he served as the Social Media Editor of The Minaret. 

Baylor worked as a Digital Desk Intern for WFLA News Channel 8 in Tampa where he took press releases and crime reports and turned them into stories which were published onto their website and social media accounts. Currently, he works as a Marketing Intern at Federal Contracts Corp in Tampa, where he designs magazine spreads, writes blog posts, creates social media posts and works to improve their social media presence. 

Baylor’s career goals include owning and operating his own social media marketing firm for small businesses and start-ups.

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