Author: Minaret Staff

One Hour a Week Makes a Difference

At approximately 11:10 a.m. every Friday morning, I quickly gather my belongings and hop into my car to make a ten minute trek to West Tampa Elementary School. After picking up a visitor sticker and giving a brief hello to the office staff, I head to the back of the school and let myself into the third grade classroom where my little sister Shirley is waiting.

Tag Along With The Bang-Bang Club

From 1955, when non-white Africans were forcibly removed from suburb communities and lost their voting rights as the roots of apartheid began to take hold, the violence in South Africa has been undeniably potent and newsworthy. In 1990, the resurgence of the previously banned African National Party made it obvious that apartheid was losing its hold on the country, and the violence intensified.

Return of the Debate

While insults, sniping, mudslinging and finger-pointing are part of almost any political campaign, these elements are traditionally toned down during the debate. Maybe if more political events ran like the Cambridge Debates that took place in UT’s Fletcher Lounge last Monday night, people wouldn’t be so quick to change the channel all the time.


Students living in Vaughn, Austin, and Brevard Halls complained of the booming loud music and crowd noise emanating from the Florida Caribbean Student Association’s conference, which occurred in the Vaughn Courtyard during the weekend of April 1. While the noise and activity disturbed some students, The Minaret is impressed with the turnout and enthusiasm that students involved had for the event.

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