Author name: Minaret Staff

Poor Planning, Apathy Drowns Election

It’s a common complaint about voting in today’s world that an individual’s voice is often lost in the clamor of the masses. However, in the recent Student Government elections held at UT, such was the absolute lack of voter turnout that a mere twenty individuals could have had a major impact on each of the races.

SG Violates Own Constitution

Student Government President Khristian Bartley is serving in violation of SG’s own constitution, and as a result, a special commission will rewrite Student Government’s constitution beginning this week. The violation occurred when Bartley took over for Paul Blackmon, who resigned over the summer.

It Adds Up: Jordan Is The Greatest

This should settle it once and for all: Michael Jordan, who will play in his final NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, is the greatest basketball player ever. Any scale that is used to measure a player’s greatness is flawed and open to interpretation, but USA TODAY factored in every aspect of the game to come up with the greatest player and the all-time All-Star team of greatest players.

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