Preseason Marks Return to Normal for the NBA

By: John McCormick Jr.

The NBA preseason kicked off on Sunday, Oct. 3, where the Los Angeles Lakers hosted the Brooklyn Nets at the Staples Center.

The offseason has finally come to an end as many teams picked up some big named free agents and some teams lost key players.

The Lakers put in a lot of work forming a new super team with a roster filled with older veterans. L.A will have a combined eight  time NBA champions, five  time MVPs, 56 time all star appearances, and 24 time All-NBA First Team awards. Their new additions include Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo and few more. The team looks to make a statement as their mentality is that experience is valued more than youth.

The Brooklyn Nets on the other hand will stick to their big three that includes James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant. Last season, the Nets dealt with injuries from their key players that plagued them and resulted in an Eastern Conference loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Lakers look to redeem their rather disappointing end to the season by the Phoenix Suns due to injuries. L.A will be led by one of the greatest basketball players of all time, LeBron James. James is headed into his 19th overall season, and his fourth season with the Lakers. 

The Suns and Bucks faced off last year in a thrilling championship that resulted in Giannis Antetokounmpo hoisting the trophy in downtown Milwaukee. The two teams are not favored to win the 2021-22 NBA championship as the Nets and Lakers are predicted to face off come June.

“We make our own narrative. One thing that we know is who we are,” said James in an interview with The Associated Press. “We’ve got a bunch of guys that have been in this league quite a while that understand and know what it takes to win. The business that we’re in is winning, and doing it all the time.”

Brooklyn and L.A will most likely rest their all stars as the 82 game season has not started officially yet as preseason is about getting looks from what bench players and rookies can do.

Despite it only being preseason, fans are still excited to see their favorite teams get back on the court.

“I’m excited to watch this season because there were a lot of moves this summer,” said Silvia Ferreiros, senior communication major. “I think Chicago has a very interesting team and they’re going to be fun to watch. I think the ring is gonna be between the Lakers, Nets, or Bucks. I also think the MVP award is gonna be between Giannis, Luka Doncic and Joel Embiid, but not LeBron, the journalists hate him.”

As it stands right now Donic is the favorite to win this upcoming season’s most valuable player. Embiid and Durant are sitting at second and third favorite for the prestigious award, but only time will tell who truly deserves it. 

This season will mark the return to the normal NBA season as the last two were affected by the ongoing pandemic. This means that the players have had a full summer to rest and prepare for the long 82 game season.

“The players finally have a full off-season to rest their bodies and be fully ready for the 2021-2022 NBA season,” said Eric Mendelowitz, junior, communications major. “If I had to choose between the Nets and Lakers to win it all, I would have to go with the Nets, barring any injuries. I don’t know how the Lakers will do based on the fact that they’re the oldest team in the league this year.” 

The conversations are heating up as the season comes to a start with new additions on each team. There are burning questions circulating around the league about LeBron’s team of old veterans, the big three in Brooklyn, and whether or not Giannis and the Bucks can run it back.

There is a long season ahead for all of the fans and players to see who will make a run for the NBA Title and capture it.

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