Campus Recreation Offers Wide Range of Activities

By: Candace Martino

Looking for a way to get in shape? Skip the pricey gym membership and get engaged with healthy physical activities right in the heart of campus.


Campus Recreation has incorporated a variety of ways for students and faculty to get involved at nearly every level. McNiff Fitness Center features over a dozen cardio machines, selected weight machines, spinners, free weights and the newly improved bicycle rental program. The university-wide free rental program helps promote outdoor physical activity and sustainable transportation options in the local area. This program is offered on a daily basis with a valid student ID and allows students an alternative to driving, addressing important issues such as environmental sustainability.

“The biking system is something that is fairly new here at UT. A lot of students take advantage of such an environmentally friendly program,” said junior Julia Striegel, a front desk coordinator at McNiff. “It is quick and simple to sign up and get on your bike. It’s convenient and easy, I recommend everyone try it at least once.”

Personal trainers have become one of the most popular fitness resources on campus, and are incredibly accessible. Prices vary depending upon program offerings that range from as little as four-week sessions to 16-week sessions.


“It is a great way for students and faculty that need help to get motivated started off on the right foot,” Striegel said.  “Having a personal trainer gives you an advantage when working out and really puts your body to the test. The prices are affordable and our [staff members] are all certified trainers.”


The training staff consists of four students who are heavily involved in classroom research and have a passion for bettering students who use McNiff facilities. Instructors must go through a series of interviews  with campus recreation and must be certified in order to train others on UT facilities. Each trainer has a different view on workouts and nutrition. For an even fuller experience, special workout classes, such as Spinning, Beach Boot Camp, TRX and Fusion are offered at McNiff.

In addition to the programs mentioned above, The Department of Campus Recreation offers off-campus activities throughout the year. The dates of the fall semester trips have yet to be released, but will include three-day hiking trips, sea kayaking and rock climbing. For the most accurate information, check in periodically with McNiff front desk.


“It is a great way to get out there and get involved with other fellow students here at UT,” said sophomore Claire Steinbruck. I’ve heard nothing but good things from other students that have been apart of these trips. It is something I would love to get involved with myself, but I am not so sure that many students are aware of these events.”

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