Dorms Get Summer Updates

ResCom is set to get various building upgrades over the summer according to Frank Lidiak, UT facilities manager.

Energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs will be installed in B and C buildings. New kitchen cabinets and counter tops are planned for B and C buildings but have not been funded yet. A building already has efficient light bulbs and new cabinets, but A building rooms will get new sliding glass doors and furniture over summer.

Lidiak said he expects that five to 10 new energy-efficient air conditioning units will be installed over the summer for ResCom rooms.

Smiley Hall will also receive some improvements over the summer. Some showers will be upgraded, which will include new tiles and new shower heads. Smiley Hall’s light bulbs will be upgraded to energy efficient ones, and the community kitchen will receive some improvements.

Austin Hall’s air conditioning will be upgraded over the summer, as well as a boiler upgrade.
In McKay, privacy shower doors will be installed.

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