Tourists, Tuition and Eggs! A Reflection On Spring At UT

#comment 3 :Maybe I am the stodgy old coot that you all think I am, but I have to say that I think John Jacobs’s articles reflect a very negative element of modern society.

1) Why is it “cool” to be rude and to screw around with people? Why is that “funny”? And for those who are commenting in favor of Jacob’s rudeness, why do you support his rudeness? Call me what you will but I don’t find that funny. I consider that borderline anti-social and pathological. Don’t reward that behavior.

2) Jacob also does no research into his articles. He spouts off uneducated opinions. How is that useful? It would take him all of two minutes to understand that Easter is based on a pagan holiday named Eostre that included fertility rites, thus the eggs. Instead, he offers his own uneducated opinions (doesn’t even know what a theory is) and takes offense when I suggest that maybe he should do a little research.

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