Let’s Go To The Movies

‘Observe and Report’
Security Alert!
Seth Rogan, Ray Liotta and Anna Faris come together for their new movie, ‘Observe and Report.’ Michael Pe’ntilde;a also joins the well-known comedic faces, taking a turn from his more familiar dramatic role.
Rogan plays the head of mall security, Ronnie Barnhardt. When a real crime is committed, he works with sidekick Dennis (Pe’ntilde;a) to impress his love interest, Brandi (Farris), by finding the suspect before the local police officer (Liotta).

Director: Jody Hill
Rating: R
Running Time: 86 min

‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’
The Two Sides of Miley
Miley Cyrus and country legend dad jump to the big screen for ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie.’ Cyrus stars as Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana in this coming of age tale.
Following the ‘Hannah Montana’ TV show, Stewart (Cyrus) takes a vacation to her hometown to figure her life out and decide how much longer she can live a double life.

Director: Peter Chelsom
Rating: G
Running Time: 102 min

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