HIRE-UT Tweets For Students

The University of Tampa’s Career Services department designed to guide driven students down the proper career path, has just begun using http://www.twitter.com as a new ways of communication with faculty and students.

‘Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co’-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?’ the website reads.

It is an online data base that is updated frequently in regards to upcoming events and notifications in the career services office. Daniella Fusari, a sophomore, intern at the career services office at UT, and founder of Twitter within the department said, ‘I first heard about Twitter when I started working with Career Services, they asked me if I had heard anything about it.

So after doing something research, Twitter became an obvious resource for communication with UT students. We decided to promote Twitter as a whole.’
‘We took this direction because as a student, I knew that not many people were even familiar with Twitter so we actually had to promote Twitter while promoting Hire-UT on it,’ she explained.

When asked how the program is working so far for UT, Fusari said, ‘Hire-UT on Twitter is working great so far. It is updated with important events and workshops we offer, which really helps keep students in the know.’

The program so far has 51 followers with numbers on the rise. ‘Since we have signed up on Twitter, I just continue to hear more and more about people using it every day,’ Fusari said.

So what can Twitter do for users?

‘It gives me the option of following profiles of professionals that have inside knowledge in the job market, or even people who are posting internships and jobs around my area,’ Fusari said. She added that after she registered Hire-UT, she made a personal account.

For those students who have never heard of Twitter, let alone the Career Services office, now is the time to get involved.

The Career Services office is located in Riverside 116.

Fusari said for more information on Twitter, ‘I suggest jumping on the Twitter bandwagon. It seems that everyone is starting to have a profile, and if you go to the homepage, there is a quick video that really explains what exactly Twitter is all about.’

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