SG Report

  • Attention All Seniors! Register for the Senior Party on the following dates: March 25 2-4 p.m.; March 26 12-2 p.m.; March 27 2-4 p.m.; April 1 2-4 p.m.; April 2 12-2 p.m.; April 3 2-4 p.m.
  • Candidates for SG Exec. Board for Fall 2009 school year will be making Youtube promotional videos. They will be posted on the SG Website for all students to vote on.
  • SG Constitution- Held their third Reading for seven new amendments.
  • Section 3.04, part g- The General Assembly will be meeting twice a semester instead of once.
  • Section 3.05-, part g- Open positions within the Senate will be filled by having a secondary campus election by the SG President.
  • Section 4.02, part b- Vice President of Programming will be appointed through the regulations set forth by the Student Production Constitution.
  • Section 4.03, part b- The Student Government President shall set the time and place for meeting with his Cabinet.

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