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Mouse Goes Missing
A professor called security to report a theft of items from his Plant Hall office on March 16. Officers met with the professor in his office where he explained that his laptop bag was missing from his office. He reported last seeing the bag on 3/6/09 in his office. The bag contained a wireless mouse and two CD’s.

At 4 p.m. on a Monday? Congrats, UT.
Officers were called to an Austin Hall room by an RA in reference to an alcohol violation on March 16. During a room inspection a bottle of alcohol was located in the room by the RA. The residents of the room are all under age 21 and were referred to the conduct board for the violation. The alcohol was disposed of at the scene.

Officers were called to the basketball courts on March 16 in reference to a student with a possibly broken ankle. Upon arrival McNiff staff were attending to the student and applying ice to his ankle. He refused the offer to call EMS to have his ankle examined. He requested to be taken back to his room and was transported there. He was then escorted to his room by two other students.

Bad Luck of the Irish
A student came to the security office on March 17 to report the theft of her key ring that had her keys, ID, and other financial cards attached. She advised she had been in the Vaughn Caf’eacute; at approx 5:00 p.m. where she used the key FOB last to purchase her meal. She was leaving the Vaughn Center soon thereafter and discovered it missing from her pocket. At 8:40 p.m. she learned that one of her financial cards were used at a local establishment without her knowledge. She completed a criminal complaint with the Tampa Police Dept and cancelled her cards with her financial institutions. (Investigation still open with TPD)

Cab Unfair
Tampa Police had responded to a call in front of the residence hall and had called to request security assistance at Stadium Center on March 18. Officers were informed that a taxi had brought back three students (2 female and 1 male) to the campus. One of the females and the male began to argue in the front seat of the cab about who would pay the fare. The male left and the female became enraged.

She broke the dome light of the cab and left without paying also. The students are seen on video entering the building and they will be identified via photos with staff. The information will be forwarded to Tampa Police for their follow up on the theft and criminal mischief charges filed.

Must have been a slooooooow chase.
A Tampa Police unit was trying to stop a car on N. Blvd as it continued to drive into the West Garage on March 18. When the car finally stopped the officer approached the car and UT officers assisted. The driver was removed from the car and a field sobriety test was done to determine impairment. The student was charged with misdemeanor possession of narcotics and given a date to appear in court. His information was also forwarded to student conduct with the violation information.

That’s gotta be worth at least a couple meals.
A student came to security on March 18 in reference to the theft of his cell phone. He advised he had gone to the Grille in the Spartan Club between 11:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. for food. After he purchased his food he left his cell phone lying by the register. He walked off and returned less than 5 minutes later to retrieve it when he remembered leaving it behind. When he returned he was told they did not have the phone. (Investigation still open)

Maybe the couch stole it?
A student came to security to report the theft of his wallet from within his Stadium Center room on March 18. He indicated he had left it on the couch but when he returned it was missing. The next day the student came to security again to advise that his roommate had found the wallet and all contents under the couch.

Man, I have to see this VHS ‘hellip; and I know just the place to find a player ‘hellip;
A professor reported that a VHS/DVD player was missing from a Walker Hall classroom on March 18. The professor advised that the player was observed missing on 3/16/09 by another professor but it is unclear when the last time the player was seen in the classroom. The room is utilized by several other departments and people so it is unknown at this time who may have removed the played from the room.

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