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Today, I spent six hours looking at fmylife.com. I failed two tests, got a parking ticket, and forgot to eat lunch. FML.

Fmylife.com, a user-generated blog, is filled with self-degrading anecdotes and has exploded in popularity, especially with University of Tampa students.

‘Some are hilarious, some are hard to identify with,’ junior Jay Creighton said. ‘You get some 13-year-old talking about how their ‘crush’ walked by them and they dropped their book on their shoe and I don’t find that as amusing. They need a fmylife jr.’

The site has gotten so popular that owners are putting out a book. The creatively titled ‘fmylife’ will be published by Random House sometime soon they say.
Everyone has their favorite FMLs.

‘Today, I received my passport in the mail,’ starts the top FML. ‘They got my birth date wrong. Then I picked up my birth certificate that I had sent in with the application. Turns out my parents have been celebrating my birthday on the wrong day for 16 years. FML.’

Not all of the submissions work out well.

‘Today, my friend had a Coke can on his desk in class,’ says one of the top flops, or poorly-received FMLs.

‘It was empty but I was thirsty so I picked it up thinking I could try to get that little bit of Coke always left at the bottom.

When I took a sip I found out he had been picking his fingernails and putting them in the can. FML.’

Viewers rate submissions as either, ‘I agree, your life is f***ed,’ or ‘you deserved that one.’

The older FMLs have 300-or-so votes, while new additions get 20,000 approvals in a few hours.

Sure, some of them are complete lies.

No one could possibly do some of these things, right?

Failed a pair of tests, got a ticket and missed lunch? Yeah, you deserved that one.

Peter Arrabal can be reached at parrabal@gmail.com

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