New York Fashion Week Recap

Friday marked the end of New York’s Fashion Week. While it did not entirely disappoint, providing us with ample amounts of glitz and glamour, during these less then desirable economic times, to put it plainly, style took a bit of a licking. Sponsored by Mercedes Benz, more then 63 designers were scheduled to show off their latest collections in Bryant Park. This isn’t counting the hundreds of other shows scheduled all throughout the city though. Or the thousands of stylists, editors, buyers, and fashion elite in attendance. More than likely, the crowds made everyday New York traffic look like a Spencer Pratt fan club meeting.

Being the disturbing fashion fanatic that I am, I spent Fashion Week glued to my computer, with twice daily email alerts from flooding my inbox. Cutting off all my ties from reality, I will admit I was just slightly on a reclusive kick for the week. But what better way to pass the time then looking at the creative blunders and endeavors of people who have no concept of the envy I somehow bear to live with. Color me green.

To start with a funny observation, this year was the first that PETA did not storm the shows, throwing blood on everyone and causing unnecessary insanity. Has fur won? Are we finally going to be able to parade around in coats made of 12 pounds of rabbit fur? Probably not, but it’s nice to dream.

Valentine’s day marked Barbie’s first ever fashion show, celebrating her 50th birthday with 50 specially designed dresses showcased on ‘life size’ Barbie-esque models. Complete with patent pink Christian Louboutins, the show went back throughout Barbie history, with each look reminiscing a particularly iconic outfit. I am sure Mattel was having the time of their lives marketing this. Minus the ridiculously long intro (complete with sparkles and epic Barbie glittery moments) and 10 minute long breaks randomly thrown in, the soundtrack was enough to make up for it. Using MSTRKRFT’s mix of Annie’s ‘Heartbeat’, the tempo kept the audience on their toes. Also, you can’t deny the utterly adorable ending walk with each respective Barbie escorting a little girl. But it wasn’t all flowers and candy for the rest of Fashion Week’hellip;oh god no.

There were some serious letdowns. Let’s start with Zac Posen. Showing us an amazing pre-fall collection, with some serious channeling to early 1940’s glam, I had some expectations for his Fall looks. However, they were just’hellip;not up to par. Some of the gowns, from a few stunning florals to a particular ruby one were not disappointing, but half of the gold 80’s prom massacres he sent down the runway made me want to do a double take. Alexander Wang was boring. I suppose though you can only do grunge so many ways. Marc Jacobs main line could not hold up against his diffusions-Marc by Marc Jacob actually triumphed. Newcomer Robert Geller played up the whole ‘depression era’ trend, with tweed coats, chunky cable knits, and bow ties. All totally unwearable, yet very comically relieving. Another humorous event was definitely the Herve Leger show. Bandage dresses and sky high heels-recipe for disaster once you throw in a 6ft waif stomping down the runway.

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