NIU Shooting One Year Later: Shawls Honor Those Lost Last Feb. 14

(UWIRE)- After the Feb. 14 shootings, the Wesley Foundation at Northern Illinois University asked for help supporting the campus.

What they received was more than 350 handmade prayer shawls.

Kelli Beard, pastor of the Wesley Foundation, organized the shawl-making as a way to honor those killed. A member of the Association of Campus Religious Organizations and partnered with Lutheran Campus Ministry, Beard and company had nearly 75 churches participate in producing shawls and prayer squares. Although the events of Feb. 14 were tragic, Beard said she has seen remarkable things in the campus over the past year.

Beard said signs of hope have remained even as NIU has faced arguably the hardest time in its long history.

These signs include candlelight vigils that were organized, the availability of counselors on campus and students concerned with other issues, although they still are dealing with their own.

‘Those are all ways that are more powerful than what happened in Cole Hall,’ Beard said. ‘I have seen so many signs of hope and new life.’

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