UT Professor’s Dreams Become Reality

Writer and interim dean of the College of Arts and Letters at The University of Tampa, Dr. Don Morrill, will release a new book titled, ‘Impetuous Sleeper.’

Morrill examines the condition of wakefulness, beginning with coming out of a dream.

He connects shared habits of the mind, the way in which each of us attempts to make sense of the world and to understand our part in it.

‘Impetuous Sleeper’ explores a range of topics, including home and highway, love and friendships, politics, gossip, privacy and family and employs creative non-fiction’s many forms.

Morrill is the author of two collections of poetry, ‘At the Bottom of the Sky’ and ‘With Your Back to Half the Day,’ and three previous books of non-fiction, ‘Sounding for Cool,’ ‘A Stranger’s Neighborhood’ and ‘The Untouched Minutes,’ which received the River Teeth Literary Non-fiction Award.

‘Impetuous Sleeper’ will be available at retail booksellers or through http://www.midlist.org.

Morrill will give a reading at Inkwood Books, on Armenia Avenue in Tampa on Friday, March 20 at 7 p.m.

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