International Artist Inspires a Unique Tone

With two Platinum records British singer/songwriter James Morrison has ventured to the states to share his unique sound.

In just under three years, this aspiring artist has gone from singing in pubs during open mic nights to touring internationally with Corrine Bailey Rae to even singing for the British royal family.

In the summer of 2006, Morrison released his first album, ‘Undiscovered,’ which became an overnight success in countries like the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia.

His first single, ‘You Give Me Something,’ made quite the first impression for him on the charts, taking the number two spot in Holland and number five in Britain.

After performing the song on a New Zealand television show, Morrison was to explain his inspiration for his lyrics.

He responded by saying that the two lovers do not love each other equally but are willing to see where the relationship goes.
By the end of the year, the album sold over a million copies and went platinum in the UK.

Morrison soon began working on his second record in addition to collaborating with other artist’s such as Nelly Furtado and Jason Mraz.
On Mraz’s latest album, ‘We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things,’ Morrison joined in on the track ‘Details In the Fabric,’ which debuted in May 2008.

In September of the same year, Morrison released the first single, ‘Somebody to Love,’ off his own album, ‘Songs for You, Truths for Me.’ While in the recording studio, he also teamed up with Nelly Furtado and recorded the second single off the record, ‘Broken Stings.’

‘You can’t play our broken strings, you can’t feel anything that your heart don’t want to feel I can tell you something that ain’t real; oh, the truth hurts and lies worse, how can I give anymore when I love you a little less than before?’

Their lyrics struck the airwaves in 2008 and has continued its popularity on the charts.

He enjoyed instant gratification with this success as the album took both the number one spot in Ireland and number three spot in the UK where it spent five consecutive weeks in the top ten.

In October, he took his show on the road and toured throughout Europe until the end of the year.

If you have never heard his music, Morrison’s voice is quite distinctive amongst the crowd, crediting his battle with whooping cough as an infant for the raspy and unique tone.

While his voice can stand alone, he says he often finds inspiration from blues riffs, helping him create a deviant yet attractive mixture of soft rock, soul and blues.

By flavoring his tracks with a balance of each of these sounds, he has developed a recipe for success.

As a singer/songwriter, Morrison continues to find inspiration in everything he does in addition to crediting several well-known artists for the impression they left on him as a child.

Growing up listening to music sensations like Stevie Wonder and Al Green, Morrison’s free-spirited style and cadence makes many feel as if he has been around much longer.

While he is still not as popular in America as he is in Europe, his is beginning to gain more and more press here in the U.S. Making appearances on both the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, be sure to keep an ear out for more performances by this amazing artist.

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