Fashion: Dig Your Denim

Once deemed as workers pants, today jeans are a daily fashion must.

Denim is such a versatile part of your wardrobe. Sometimes we question the fashions that show up in the magazines and on the runway, but with denim, you can always make it your own and make it work.

Here are four favorites which can be found in any clothing stores. Express, Forever 21, Lucky Brand Jeans, Guess and American Eagle have a wide selection at affordable prices.

High-Wasted ‘amp; Flair
Denim jeans that are high wasted can be difficult to pull off, but are a great option when wanting to look fancier than regular jeans. Unfortunately, they can appear to add pounds to any frame. It’s best to keep the denim in a dark color, for its slimming effect. Keep your top very simple, such as a plain black tee shirt or simple tank top. Another option is low-wasted flared jeans. Sandals or wedges will pair well with flared jeans, but make sure they are long enough so you don’t look like a 70’s knockoff.

Skinny Jeans
You would think by now these jeans are way past their style life time, but in fact skinny jeans are as popular as ever. I think that the pastels and bright colors are hitting the back burner, or are on reserve for girls that can successfully pull them off. But navy, denim and black straight legs are adorable as ever, especially paired with a great sandal or peep toe heel for going out.

Black ‘amp; Dark Denim
Black should be your go-to color. No matter what style you have on, wearing your jeans in black or dark denim will immediately make them more clean cut and nicer, as well as giving you a slimmer look. My black boot cut denim Sevens have saved me on a number of occasions where nothing seemed to work. You need a staple pair of black jeans and dark jeans to save you when you have nothing else to wear.

Boyfriend Jeans
I was curious about these jeans because it seems that they became popular overnight.The celebrities are wearing them out all the time now, but can average girl can pull them off? Baggy and rolled up only a little, they look like you are trying to jump over puddles without getting the bottom of your pants wet. They do look comfortable though, and if this trend continues I think they could work for a pair to hang around in. Remember to wear a fitted top with them or you’ll be swimming in too much clothing.

There are tons of styles to choose from and hundreds of washes (colors). Different styles look better with certain colors. Whichever pair you choose though, don’t forget to wear confidence.

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