Turn The Beat Around: The Latest and Craziest iPod Accessories

iPods are the hottest MP3 players on the market, so naturally, everyone has one.

While you can choose from a variety of colors, a faceplate change is hardly the way to customize your iPod to be uniquely yours.

You need something that stands out, something over the top to let the world know, ‘Yeah, that iPod is mine!’

That’s what the booming iPod accessory market is for.

Below are iPod accessories that stand out from the ordinary, promising to get you a little more attention than the average iPod jacket or fancy earbuds.

Rock-Ola iPod Jukebox
Many iPod owners have a dock to play their music on.

They’re convenient, a great way to charge your iPod and, to the people at Rock-Ola, cute playthings more along the lines of Hallmark music cards than speaker systems.

If you’re really down with the whole ‘music thing,’ why not upgrade to the $6,000 iPod Jukebox from Rock-Ola.

This baby is a full-sized, retro-style jukebox complete with neon lights and bubbly panels.

Just plug in your iPod and enjoy hours upon hours of your favorite music.
This is the Hummer of iPod docks.

For more information visit http://www.rock-ola.com.

Pause iPod Bed
If the Rock-Ola is the Hummer of iPod docks, the Pause bed is a B-2 bomber.

Starting around $4,300, the makers of the Pause bed believe that ‘a bed should be completely personalized.’

They design each part of the bed according to the needs of partners that might share it, from the frame to the nightstands.

Included in these options is an iPod dock that plays through elaborate Bose speakers.

Sure, a Tempurpedic might feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, but on a Pause you can drift off to the lulling voice of Weird Al Yankovic through the clarity only Bose can bring.

If that’s not worth $4,000, I don’t know what is.

For more information visit http://www.designmobel.co.nz/pause.html.

Tunebuckle iPod Belt Buckle
Everyone knows name-plate belt buckles are the coolest things since pet rocks.

They’re so chic and creative, like fannypacks or dangling truck balls.

The Tunebuckle improves this hot fad of belt customization while also keeping your precious iPod Nano safe and secure inches from your crotch.

Long gone are fears of scratches on the screen.

No longer will you have to fumble through your pockets for your microscopic MP3 player. The Tunebuckle’s got you covered.

The buckles cost anywhere from $40-$70, but, considering the prices of other iPod accessories and cases (I’m looking at you $20 iPod socks), this is a steal for what you get.

For more information visit http://www.tunebuckle.com.

OhMiBod NaughtiBod Personal Massager
Who doesn’t like a massage? A good massage can make your entire day less stressful, more relaxed and fully stimulating.

And what’s more stimulating to the senses than music?

With OhMiBod’s NaughtiBod personal massager you can enjoy the delicate pulses of handheld vibrations with the customizable touch of your favorite music.

The NaughtiBod’s ‘freedom cord’ plugs into any headphone jack, splitting off into earbuds and the massager itself.
Depending on the choice of music, the NaughtiBod’s vibration function varies.

Are you one that tends to beat around the bush? Why not begin with a soothing song from Coldplay?

Or perhaps you don’t pussyfoot around. The new Guns ‘N’ Roses album is pretty rockin’, in my opinion.

The price tag is a bit steep at $69, but you’re guaranteed to get some bang for your buck.

If the NaughtiBod works for you, tell a few friends and let the cat out of the bag.

For more information, visit http://www.ohmibod.com.

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