Women’s Basketball Player Goes One-on-One with The Minaret

Kym Taylor is a fourth year senior who has started in every game this year, averaging 8.9 points.

What’s on your ipod?

Mario, Beyonce (her new CD is amazing), Lil’ Wayne and T.I.

If you could choose anybody on your team to do your homework who would it be?

Definitely has to be Hailee Sullivan.

When you’re not playing basketball, you’re ______.

Sleeping’hellip;or shopping’hellip;or eating at Panera.

Any pre game rituals?

Praying, listening to music and just getting hyped with my teammates

What’s your dream job?

CEO of a major Fortune 500 company’hellip;woman empowerment!

Who is the best singer on the team?

Lauren Mason. That girl can sing Bon Jovi any day of the week!

Who would win a fight between women’s basketball and softball?

I don’t know’hellip;we’ve got some big girls and our freshmen are pretty feisty so I’d have to give it to us.

How has the beginning of your season gone?

This is the best start in a long time for UT basketball. It was a little shaky at first because we were still trying to find our chemistry and rotation, but once we started winning and realizing how to work our system we began winning a lot.
We have such a young team, only three seniors, but our motto this year is ‘New Team New Year!’ and we are very proud of that.

What were/are your expectations of the rest of the season?

To be regular season champs and SSC conference champs (we let Nova take it away from us last year).

If we can do those two things that would be really big for us since we’re such a young team’hellip;then I’d know we could get far in the NCAA’s.

How is it taking Sheena Walton’s role on the team?

When I came back for this season I knew I had to step it up. It was really important to Coach (Jessee) that I find my own identity.
He kept saying to me: ‘I don’t want you to be Sheena’hellip;I want you to be Kym Taylor, and I want you to play your game.’

What’s been your most memorable victory as a Spartan thus far this season?

Definitely beating Drury ‘- they were number three in the nation when we played them.
The focus before that game was so incredible; we were ready to go. We could tell we were going to win, and after that game is when we became a threat to everyone else.

How did you get your start in basketball and who inspired you to play at the level you’re at today?

I was a dancer when I was really young, but then I became taller and taller I just kinda figured out that I was pretty good at basketball.

Then when it got more competitive in middle school is when I realized that this was what I wanted to do.

My dad and my brother were definitely my inspirations; they built my confidence to push me through to the college level.

What’s something you’ve learned from your teammates?

Just to have fun. I know being a senior you have to stay composed and be a good leader, but really everyone has just taught me to have fun, especially the young players…they definitely bring the fun back in the game for us all.

What’s something you’ve learned from your coach?

Accountability is the biggest thing. He’s also taught me that if you work hard, good things will happen, and that if you commit to something, you will be successful, which are all things I can use after my basketball career is over.

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