Transporter 3 Presents Frank Martin In His Most Difficult Delivery

Transporter 3 delivers the most intense action and comedy by far than the preceding Transporter and Transporter 2.

The martial arts in this film are like something you would see in a Jackie Chan movie- except the scenes are not meant to be as comical.

Most of us remember the original Transporter as being ‘no games’ and consisting of a rule-oriented Frank Martin (Jason Statham).

Transporter 3 breaks all the rules when Martin takes on the obligatory task of transporting goods with a drug-obsessed, Ukrainian woman known only as Valentina (Natalya Rudakova).

She is the reason why comedy in this film reaches new levels; from her lustful stare in Frank’s brawl against some thugs to the elaborate description of local entrées, Valentina presents a character that is hard to figure out.

Frank also presents a character that is hard to figure out after going from an Audi A8 to S8 in the recent film.

With all the cars out there, you would think that the director or anyone involved in the making of the film would want to introduce a new car.

The one thing that did excite me in this movie was the upgrade to Martin’s car, which at least made it somewhat more aesthetic to look at.

Aside from undressing and revamping the cars wardrobe, both main characters, Valentina and Frank also let down their emotional armor and let each other ‘in’ after a steamy sex scene.

As the plot thickens, they both learn of their own significance in the delivery and both stories merge to figure out an outcome.

Transporter 3 is a must-see, action-packed film filled with comedy, and a hint of romance.

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