Few UT Students Opt to Stay On Campus During Break

Even though Thanksgiving break just ended, students are already counting down the days until they have to pack their bags once again.
While some students pack, others will stay on campus during winter break.

Sabrina Griffith, the Assistant Director of Res Life, is in charge of organizing all the winter housing for students.

The cost for winter housing is, ‘$500 for students not staying for Basketball or Swimming,’ Griffith said.

UT sophomore Erica Valadao said that the price seems steep compared to how much it costs for her friends at other schools to stay on campus, ‘It seems high because they are just sleeping there,’ she said.

But Nicole Sicignano, a UT senior said the price is not so bad, ‘Well that would be $100 a week,’ she said.

Only around sixty students are staying on campus during winter break.
Griffith said that the number of students who stayed on campus has been slightly higher in the past.

With only three dorms to choose from, Vaughn, Urso and Straz, it’s slim pickings for winter break.

Hillary Maloney, a UT senior think Res Life should allow students to stay in their room, ‘Their stuff is already there and the dorms are already overpriced so at least they can do is let us stay in our room,’ she said.

‘If the student is currently a resident of one of those halls, they can stay in their current space.

If not, he/she will coordinate their Winter Housing with a friend that resides in one of those halls and receive their written permission to stay in that space,’ Griffith said.

With just days left of the semester, it’s a wonder not more people are staying as the prices for gas and plane tickets begin to climb.
However, ‘According to our numbers, it does not seem as if the economy has affected the desire of the students to return home for the break,’ Griffith said.

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