Banana Woes and Margarita Maladies

#comment 3 :Dear N.C.,

What does N.C. stand for? NO CLUE? You are exactly the type of person I despised in college. You take a class, read a book, and buy a thesaurus and suddenly you think you are intelligent. I can only hope that you are a freshmen and that you have 3+ years to learn common sense before you make your way into the real world. Never mind arguing the (bogus) law, to be so closed-minded as to consider all law infractions a sign of poor character is truly “detrimental to society”. From what I can derive, you are most likely a perfectionist, elitist, outcast. I hope for your sake that I am wrong, but if I am right…do yourself a favor, get off your high horse and go have a beer.


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