UT Goes Green and Advances Technology

While others are spending their summer at the beach, watching movies, or playing video games, 10 students at the University of Tampa are doing a little more than that.

Hired as lab techs, students are changing the Vaughn, Sykes, and Computer Center labs to Windows Vista, while recycling efforts are being stepped up to save paper in the labs.

Jennifer Jamison, Computer Lab Coordinator, said, “When students come back it will look different.”

Jamison said each summer all the computers are updated with “images.” This summer Vista will be put in every Windows computer lab except one lab in the Computer Center, Room 125.

The University leases computers for a few years and then switches them out. This year around 99 computers were exchanged and new three-year leases were signed for all PC computers.

Who are these students that are able to make this technological difference to the entire campus in just three months? UT hires students as lab techs, similar to the techs that work during the school year. Lab techs have previous computer knowledge so it is easy for them to get into the switch. Techs complete a manual before they begin working on the computers.

Jamison says, “Peer training is the best way to learn.”

The transformation of these computers will last throughout the summer months but will be complete by fall semester.

Even though modifications to the computers are still being done, the updated software needs to test new programs. Students in the ITM 200 Summer II session are the first to test out the latest programs on the new computer systems. ITM 200 is a required class for all freshmen to take. In this course you learn the basics of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The software needed to complete the course has been updated from SAM to SimNet 2007.

Recycling in Labs

The look of labs will also change. The motive for this change was the amount of paper being used by the students throughout the previous semester.

“Students were asking to recycle paper to some capacity and we came up with a solution that would work.” Jamison said.

Green recycling bins started being added throughout the labs over spring break. Now all the Windows-based labs have two bins. Once paper is placed in the bin, the paper is then shredded and recycled.

“Student security is protected by shredding. It was an easy way to ensure security and help recycle at the same time. The paper is picked up every other week,” said Jamison.

With more paper being printed out by students, Jamison feels that more pickups may need to be added.

As the University of Tampa focuses on becoming a greener campus, some of the campuses ways of recycling still have not changed. The toner for the printers in the computers lab still continues to be recycled.

“I think the University as a whole is becoming more green. Facilities are even changing the light bulbs,” Jamison said.

In response to why the campus is doing this now, Jamison replied, “Why not now? There is no time like the present.”

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