Plant Hall Gets Original Coat

Cheryl Gibbons

Researchers and museum curators have found the original paint color of Plant Hall.

Robert A. Furhoff from Restoration of Interiors of Chicago and Abell Garcia Architects scanned pictures and paint layers to find the exact color match.

The job proved difficult as they had to uncover 18 layers of paint that have coated the original for last century.

The new paint will cover the verandah ceiling, window sills, columns, rafters, molding, balustrade and deck.

The new colors will consist of different shades of gray, from greenish gray, light grayish olive and dark bluish gray. These colors will replace the cream colored trim of the building. The crescent moons carved in the wood will also be painted a metallic aluminum color.

The new or “old” paint coat will be representative of the Tampa Bay Hotel from the 1890s-1920s, said Cynthia Gandee, executive director of the Henry B. Plant Museum.

Painting began before the spring semester ended and work continues throughout the summer and will continue into the fall semester.

Having painted Plant Hall before, the $465,000 project will be handled by the Specialized Services Group of Tampa. Funding for the project comes from the Plant Hall Restoration fund divided equally between UT and the City of Tampa.

Information from Public Information Press Release.

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