Women and Drinkers Most Likely to be Victims

Approximately 22 percent of first year female students who began drinking on campus or who increased their alcohol intake were victims of assault. Of those, 13 percent experienced severe physical victimization and 38 percent experienced severe sexual victimization. -2008 Article in BU Today

Approximately 25 percent of women reported experiencing an attempted or completed rape in college. -Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Women tended to blame the perpetrator more than themselves. -2001 Article in Violence Against Women

Victims of rape are more likely to use self-blame than are victims of other forms of sexual assault. -1998 Article in Violence Against Women

College women are three times more likely than other groups of similar aged women to be victims of sexual assault. Women living away from their parents were more at risk, whether student or nonstudent. Additionally, alcohol consumption and multiple sex partners during the last year were significantly associated with rape and/or attempted rape during the past year. -2005 Article in Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Many studies show that alcohol consumption is one of the leading causes that increases rape. With men, it increases their sexual behavior and their aggressiveness. In women, it lowers their resistances. -2003 Article in Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Students who drank the most and had the most self-reported alcohol-related problems were more likely to experience incapacitated sexual assault. -2006 Article in Addictive Behaviors

Women who start drinking freshman year of college or who increase their consumption once on campus face a greater risk of sexual or physical assault than nondrinkers. -2008 Article in BU Today

The most significant risk factor for sexual assault is being a woman. -http://nwh.awhonn.org

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