Resources for Rape Victims

There is a victim advocate on call 24 hours a day for students who have been victims of sexual assault, either on or off campus. The advocate can be reached directly at (813) 257-3900. They may also be reached through the Department of Campus Safety and Security, (813) 251-5133, your resident assistant, the Office of Residence Life, (813) 253-6239, Student Health and Counseling Center, (813) 253-6250, or the Dean of Students Office, (813) 253-6204.

On-Campus Student Health and Counseling Center may be reached at (813) 253-6250 or after hours by calling Campus Safety and Security at (813) 251-5133.

Off-Campus Crisis Center of Tampa Bay (813) 234-1234 APPLEservices (813) 228-0011

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