CAL Honors Top Students With Academic Achievement Awards

Students of the Year

Communication Major: Allison Koehler

Electronic Media Art ‘ Technology: Aaron Cook

Film and Media Arts: Sarah Kelly

Advertising and Public Relations: Adrian Canillo

Las Damas de Arte Award of Excellence Katelyn Woodward Jessica Pepper Sarah Kelly Aaron Cook Alexa Gayton Shannon Lee Drake Arnold Peter Controneo Natasha Hendrix

Las Damas de Arte Honorable Mention Natalie Mattox Emily Acosta Eunkung Karen Formisa Nathan Mitchell Caiitlin Doyle

Communication Spirit Award Tara Parian

Communication Service Award Brice MacLeod

Communication Scholarship Award George Denison

Outstanding Graduate in English Shari Murgado Rose Newton

Outstanding Graduate in Writing Chris Janus

Outstanding Writing Portfolio Christian Crider

Outstanding English Portfolio Lauren Weber Shari Murgado

Advancement of Letters Award Victoria Alt Simos Farrell

Journalism Student of the Year Peter Arrabal

William Stewart Award Camila I. Cook

Dr. Sue Gordon McCord Memorial Award Lorien H. Mattiacci

Tim O’Connor Award Chris Janus

Tim O’Connor Award for Meritorious Minaret Service Peter Arrabal

Al and Lynn Page Publication in Art History Simos Farrell

Outstanding Performing Arts Student of the Year Will Holly

Outstanding Theatre Student of the Year Bradley Charles Knight

The Best “Newcomer” in Theatre Zachary Hines

The Theatre Service Award Meredith Payne

Outstanding Speech Student of the Year Molly Murphy

Dance Student of the Year Carly Skubick

Dance Leadership Award Cassie Ray

Dance Service Award Travis Curry

Outstanding Freshman Vocal Performer Zachary Hines

Outstanding Freshmen Instrumental Performer Myrsha Lazarre

Sophomore Music Student with Outstanding Academic Achievement and Musicianship Kent Allen

Junior Music Student with Outstanding Academic Achievement and Musicianship Leela Hadsock

Antonini Senior Vocal Music Performance and Service Award Joe Conboy Will Holly

Music Performance and Service Award Joel Fenelon

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