U.S. second most undersexed nation, survey says

(U-WIRE) Americans are the second most undersexed people in the world, according to a survey released last week.

Only 53 percent of American adults report having sex at least once a week, higher only than Japan’s 34 percent and 14 percent lower than the global average. The Greeks lead the way with 87 percent.

The Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, which compiled 26,000 interviews in 26 countries, was conducted online by market research company Harris Interactive on behalf of London-based SSL International, manufacturers of the condom brand Durex.

New York University sophomore Dave Suh said he was surprised by the results.

“I don’t know who they’re surveying, but they need to try contacting the right people,” Suh said. “My sex life is definitely not undersexed.”

But not everyone found the results so hard to believe.

“I suppose I can understand that. I mean, I’m always running from place to place, trying to stay on top of work and things like that,” Tisch freshman Devin Johnson said. “I think a lot of it has to do with people just being too busy to really get down to business, so to speak.”

Globally, 60 percent of Americans surveyed reported that sex is “fun, enjoyable and a vital part of life.” But a favorable opinion of sex doesn’t mean a high frequency of sex. Of the people surveyed, 44 percent of Americans described themselves as fully satisfied with their sex lives, while about two-thirds said they don’t have sex often enough.

According to the survey, you don’t have to have a special someone in your life to have fun: 83 percent of all people masturbate, with one-third doing it at least once a week.

The study’s findings also suggest that one key to a better sex life is mutual feelings of closeness and respect between partners. More than eight in 10 respondents who described themselves as “sexually satisfied” said they feel respected by their partner during sex.

“When my boyfriend and I are together, we always make sure to talk about what we want and how we’re feeling,” junior Jessica Caloosa said. “We each make sure not to leave the other out.”

Having and maintaining excitement in sexual relationships seemed significant, as 53 percent of respondents acknowledge benefits from experimenting with new forms of intimacy. The key appears to be communication. Of the groups most comfortable discussing what they like to do with their partners, 74 percent have sex at least once a week, 7.5 percent higher than the global average.

The full survey is available on Durex.com.

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