New Student Sport Draws Crowds to Games in Cass Gym

If you can’t afford tickets to Lightning games, you’re in luck. For the price of nothing, you can walk over to the Cass Gym and take a front row seat at the new and thrilling intramural floor hockey games.

The games consist of three fast-paced 12-minute periods with four players and a goalie on the floor at a time. Substitutions are on the fly, and there are no out-of-bounds. Each player must wear goggles, and the goalie wears additional pads (All equipment is provided by the intramural program.)

This semester, five teams have competed on the floor for the past three weeks: The Trap, The Docet, Team U.S.A, District 21 Ducks, and Hail Henrichsen.

Don Gladue, the student coordinator of intramural floor hockey, is glad he could be a part of the school’s first semester of the new sport. He is also a member of the leading team in the bracket, The Trap.

“It’s doing really well,” Gladue said. “We have had some real crowds on big games and everyone is showing up to play. We have only had one forfeit.”

Megan Nistler, who works the scoreboard for the games, also really enjoys the addition of floor hockey to the intramural schedule.

“It is fast-paced and has more action than the other sports,” Nistler said. “I like working these games the best.”

And new fans are just in time for the most exciting part of the season: the playoffs.

With the last game of regular season Feb. 26, the playoffs begin March 3 and last through March 6.

For Joe Ranalli, a member of Hail Henrichsen, the last game of regular season is crucial. With a record of 1-2-1, a win would push them into the playoffs.

“I really like floor hockey,” Ranalli said. “It gets all friends together and is a really fun thing to do. It has taught me the valuable lesson that if you don’t have an angle, dangle.”

So come out on March 3 and support your friends as they compete in the most exciting and fast paced intramural on campus. After one game, you are sure to sign up to play the next time.

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