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COMMUNICATIONS David Pazmino How will being a Student Government Officer set you apart from other students?

It won’t set me apart, what will be the point of being in SG if you are set apart? You are just elected to represent the students ideals, and to make sure that students feel well represented, when you get chosen you are not being set apart, you are just here to represent and to demonstrate the will of all.

RHA Molly Murphy What is your greatest talent and how does it apply to your responsibilities for Student Government?

I am a very people-oriented person. I love listening others, gathering information and assist in any complaints or complements that they may have, concerning residential life or student government. I love coming up with fresh, new ideas that our campus can use both in the present and the future.

SCO Paola Gonzalez What is your vision for Student Government in the 2008 and 2009 academic year?

My vision for this academic year is to unite the student body regardless of their living status. As a commuter myself I want all my fellow commuter students to have a voice in the day to day decisions of student government.

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