UT graduate entrepreneurship emphasis named “Best New Program”

The University of Tampa’s graduate program in real estate venturing was recognized as the best of the Best New Programs in the Country by the Small Business Institute (SBI).

The designation was made at the SBI national conference held recently in San Diego.

According to Dr. Dianne Welsh, Walter Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurship and the founder and director of the UT Florida Entrepreneur ‘ Family Business Center, this graduate program is unique in that it combines entrepreneurship, or venturing, with real estate in the same classes throughout the four-course sequence.

“To our knowledge, this is the only graduate level program in the country that matches venturing with real estate,” Welsh said. “In other programs, entrepreneurship is a separate elective if discussed at all.”

Thirty-three programs were entered from across the country.

The program was designed by Welsh with assistance from Dr. Bill Rhey, dean of graduate studies; Stephen Meyers, president of Meyers and Co.; Dr. Jeff Donaldson, professor of finance; and Larry Smith, attorney at law.

Also at the SBI conference a team of MBA students from The University of Tampa won 3rd place in the graduate business plan category. Their plan, titled “Steel Consulting Services,” was completed for local entrepreneur Tony Mologne, who was awarded a $500,000 loan as a result of the business plan.

The team consisted of Shaun Roberts, Amy Memon, Jon Birkelund and Carl Reschke, and was led by Welsh, who won the Showcase Award for the plan.

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