UT Aims to Bolster Business Education with Ethics

A recent trend of business curricula appearing in liberal arts schools around the country is raising concern about the perceived restrictive nature of business education. UT is helping to combat this by courses designed to help business majors graduate with a better sense of morality in the business world.

Dr. Robert McMurrian, business professor and the director of the Center for Ethics at the John H. Sykes College of Business, explained that as of right now, there is no required undergraduate course exclusively about business ethics, though there is a class called Business Ethics and Social Responsibility (MGT 624) offered for MBA students.

Not only is MGT 624 one of the highest rated student courses, but its majority is based on lectures from other professors and community business leaders.

A marketing research class has also been doing a survey with students questioning their feelings about having an ethical institution more involved with the students that could provide programs and workshops with guest speakers and many other events.

“It’s hard to take place in the business world without ethics

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